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May 30, 1943

May 30, 1943No. 38 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Pop,           Today is Memorial Day and there are ceremonies nearby. The cannon for the 21-gun salute was very close to us and it felt as if the top of the tent was going to fly off each time they saluted thusly.             We also had our own […]

May 29, 1943

May 29, 1943No. 36 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             So thrilled you liked the book cover, Mom. Perhaps we shall be able to pick up a few more odd things. However, the town has been picked over pretty well and prices have gone up pretty high. One has to do quite a bit of looking […]

May 27, 1943

May 27, 1943No. 35 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,          The other night I figured up how much letter writing to you I have done while I was on the various services and it’s really indicative of the amount of work I had each time. The last two weeks of working in Supply my average was […]

May 25, 1943

May 25, 1943No. 34a Casablanca, Morocco Dearest Bobsy,             Today we had a fine time at the beach – it was a beautiful sunny day with just the right amount of breeze and the beach wasn’t too crowded. In fact, about the only people there were 59ers. Only a few of the officers went this […]

May 24, 1943

May 24, 1943No. 34 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,         It is now 8:30 P.M. and both of us are sitting here in the Rec tent with typers while most of the gang have gone to the show. But there is one table of bridge, with Drew, Bryner, Hamilton and Gerbode hard at it.         We […]

May 23, 1943

May 23, 1943No. 33 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             Lois’ face is now all cleared up. She has just a tiny scar at the angle of her jaw. Apparently what happened was the bloomin’ grasshopper came down like a dive-bomber, colliding with Lois, leaving a small piece of one of its legs embedded in her […]

May 21, 1943

May 21, 1943No. 32 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             Last night there was an “All Negro Revue” put on out in our area. The master of ceremonies, a colored boy who used to perform at the Cotton Club in New York, was the best of the bunch with all his side-cracks. They had a couple […]

May 20, 1943

May 20, 1943No. 31a Casablanca, Morocco Dearest Bobsy,             On the night of the 17th, there was quite a party – all the medical gangs from this neck of the woods. Everyone all dressed up, i.e. all except the persons for whom the party was given. They appeared in sun-tan uniforms with field jackets on, […]

May 17, 1943

May 17, 1943No. 31 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             The party the other night was given at another school — this one occupied by some nurses from another outfit. They had a nice large room and we had a good eight-piece band. Sgt. Sateja put on his act which as usual went over big. That […]

May 14, 1943

May 14, 1943No. 30 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             It has been pretty darn hot, and as Dad’s old saying goes: “the heat was not in the houses, but intense and in-tents.” With the sides of the tents rolled up and sitting on the side of the tent away from the sun, it isn’t so […]

May 10, 1943

May 10, 1943No. 29 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,            Yes, Mom, Lois gets her share of razzing, both on and off her ward. It goes on continually in one form or another, but as you have guessed, it doesn’t bother us – in fact, we get a big kick out of it – especially when […]

May 9, 1943

May 9, 1943No. 28 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             Yesterday A.M. we got the news of the fall of Tunis and Bizerte and as it was apparently “Joan of Arc Day,” there was plenty of rejoicing in town. Some of the boys said that they went into town and ordered beer at a place they […]

May 8, 1943

May 8, 1943No. 27 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies, Having written #25 and #26 yesterday, I am writing this and enclosing some pictures. They include: an Arab mother and child; Lois and Sgt. Heath in ward, “working”; Gert Brazil, me and “Bonnie Blue Eyes,” our prize jeep; and Arabian drummer “boys”.  Loads of love, . Next […]

May 7, 1943

May 7, 1943No. 25 & 26 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             Not having much to do at the moment and just sitting in the Receiving Tent awaiting the slow flow of patients, and there being a typer handy, I figured that this is a good time to get a little note off to you. My […]

May 5, 1943

May 5, 1943No. 24 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,             Since last writing my mouth has cleared up rapidly and now I have only one little tiny patch up around the same left upper molar that has been giving me trouble from time to tome. I am feeling swell now, no longer have any gastritis and […]