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May 24, 1943
No. 34

Casablanca, Morocco

Dear Folksies,

        It is now 8:30 P.M. and both of us are sitting here in the Rec tent with typers while most of the gang have gone to the show. But there is one table of bridge, with Drew, Bryner, Hamilton and Gerbode hard at it.

        We went swimming this afternoon and fell asleep getting baked, consequently developing an acute case of dopiness and laziness. However, as you see, we finally got up enough get up and go to pound on the typers.

        It was really swell up there today, not too much of a crowd, a fairly cool breeze, and swell big waves. The water, however, was somewhat on the muddy side, but not too bad.

        Tomorrow is Lois’ day off so we will most likely adjourn to the beach again – this time earlier in the day, in the A.M. if possible, if we can fineegle a ride up there with one of the trucks or ambulances that daily comes down from up there to dump some poor unfortunates on our doorstep.

 Loads of love,



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