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May 23, 1943
No. 33

Casablanca, Morocco

Dear Folksies,

            Lois’ face is now all cleared up. She has just a tiny scar at the angle of her jaw. Apparently what happened was the bloomin’ grasshopper came down like a dive-bomber, colliding with Lois, leaving a small piece of one of its legs embedded in her cheek. She thought she got it all out right away, but probably did not. As a consequence, she developed an abscess at that spot, so compressed it and compressed it some more. Finally, Roy opened it up, stuck a tiny clamp inside and managed to get the core out – following which it healed up rapidly.

            I’m glad that Alain finally sent you the Xmas present, but golly, I didn’t give him enough money to get you such a regal present as you describe. Maybe he was trying to make up for the delay.

            The other day turned out to be not such a good day, so we did not swim, just loafed around and took things easy – wrote a couple of letters, had showers and then spent most of the evening talking with Roy Cohn. He was telling us about India and his experiences there – in general discussed a lot of things, having a very interesting evening.

            Yesterday was a nice day, but we had to both work. Last night, Lois and I played bridge against Collie and the Col. They won the first two rubbers, but we made a comeback in the end and beat them.

 Loads of love,



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