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August 31, 1945

August 31, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 49 (continued) Dear Folksies,         As I said, before quitting on this last nite, I had supper that nite at Lilice’s. I should qualify that, I guess, for the apartment is actually Claudine’s, but all five are living there now, i.e. Giles, Claudine, Dominique, George and Lilice. Anyway, had […]

August 30, 1945

August 30, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 49 (continued) Dear Folksies,        Now I have to tell you about another unpleasant subject – about the tragic manner of Raymond’s death. [Raymond Sternberg was the son of Paulette Leon Sternberg and Anthony Sternberg.] He had been in the Army but 6 months, and had just finished a […]

August 29, 1945

August 29, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 49 (continued) Dear Folksies,           The next A.M., the 29th, I was a bit undecided as to which domicile I should head for first, fearing that some if not all of the family might be away on vacation. So, I finally decided on going to Claudine’s home, feeling sure […]

August 28, 1945

August 28, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 49 Dear Folksies,          I had been moaning for a long time about wanting to get back to Paris, and even had told Col. Yarborough when I first saw him that I wanted to get there if there were any chance.  Finally, with the hospital closed because of the […]

August 27, 1945

August 27, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 48 (conclusion) Dear Folksies,        Today, for the first time that I can remember overseas, we had fresh bananas!!! And were they good!!!        Yesterday 70 more men left us.  This gang went to the 5th Armored Division for transportation with them homeward.  They should be home by the […]

August 26, 1945

August 26, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 48 (continued) Dear Folksies,        On the nite of August 22nd, we got another surprise – two strangers arrived!! None other than Gil Bishop and Chuck Schwartz. Chuck had heard rumors that we were moving around, that big things were in the wind, etc., and decided that it was […]

August 25, 1945

August 25, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 48 (continued) Dear Folksies,        That nite we slept perfectly o.k., but when we awakened we found that there was even more water in the area — the nurses area was inundated, Johnson‘s tent was under about a foot of water, Chatley’s was under a good two feet, and […]

August 24, 1945

August 24, 1945Near Fritzlar, Germany No. 48 Dear Folksies,             Gee, five days has passed now since last writing, but as seems to have been the usual course of events here everything has changed and been re-changed so rapidly that no one knows just what is the score, or if there is a score in […]

August 19, 1945

August 19, 1945Wabern, Germany No. 47 (continued) Dear Folksies,            Two days ago, came the startling news that all the enlisted men with 99 points or over would leave for home on the 23rd of August. Wow!!!  How many of our men does that affect?  Only 105 of them!  Can we still operate with the […]

August 18, 1945

August 18, 1945Wabern, Germany No. 47 Dear Folksies,            Nothing more than a thousand new things in the last few days, but what all those things are, or what they mean, you-tella-me!             Am at last off Receiving once again — back on the same ward I had when we first came up here, but, […]

August 15, 1945

August 15, 1945Wabern, Germany No. 46 V-J Day Dear Folksies,        So it’s over!!  With all the delay the last few days, with the messages going back and forth, the actual end is, as it was on V-E Day, really an anti-climax.  The last two days everyone had been listening for reports hourly, but when […]

August 14, 1945

Today we have a portion of the letter that René Bine, Sr. sent to his son on August 14, 1945 – VJ Day, the end of the war in Japan and, therefore, the end of World War II. Anthony’s date with Cleopatra was some event, but at this moment,     6 P.M., it would appear that […]

August 12, 1945

August 12, 1945The Mud-Flats of Wabern, Germany No. 45 Dear Folksies,             About the only thing new in the last few days is what all of you know even better — the closeness of the end of the war. Certainly none of us tho’t that things would take such a turn and that we would […]

August 7, 1945

August 7, 1945Wabern, Germany No. 44 (continued) Dear Folksies,          After completing the first part of this letter yesterday, I got mighty busy and was kept busy all afternoon. Last nite just after supper, Maj. Mackee asked me if I wanted to do an appendix, so I did, but finally made him take the darn […]

August 6, 1945

August 6, 1945Wabern, Germany Still in Tents! No. 44 Dear Folksies,        Beautiful day today—looks as if ‘tis going to be mighty hot, as a matter of fact. Just hope that business keeps slow enough so that I can pound this typer for a while.        We anticipate having Roy and Fadley up here for […]