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Today we have a portion of the letter that René Bine, Sr. sent to his son on August 14, 1945 – VJ Day, the end of the war in Japan and, therefore, the end of World War II.

Anthony’s date with Cleopatra was some event, but at this moment,     6 P.M., it would appear that

                        AUGUST Fourteenth 1945

will be remembered as long, if not longer.

We have heard so many false rumors these last few days, that it was only when I saw the torn telephone books going past my windows, to the tune of sirens, mobs milling around Union Square, a large group of WAVES marching in formation up Powell from Geary, with a lone sailor on their right acting as captain, another WAVE being almost torn to shreds by a bunch of sailors celebrating, traffic practically stopped, Post St. entrance door of Garage down, closed, that I suspected that the deafening din meant that the President had probably spoken.

It was hectic getting my car out of the garage, as the whole mass was trying to get out. Geary was the only exit. Powell, Stockton doors also closed. I was not sure the fumes would not put us out of business, hors de combat. At Geary & Powell a lady asked for a lift. Her goil is in the Navy; grad from Stanford in 1938, then R.N. from same. Had a dozen eggs & many packages – trying for hours to go home to Pacific & Fillmore. This lady said she had seen windows busted on Market Street. Grace Cathedral chimes as well as other churches may be sending forth their calls to prayer, but certainly the downtown noises drown them out except right near their origin.

At the same time, 3 young girls asked for lift. These were going to a guest house Lake & 5th Ave. Well, I took the gray haired lady to her door, but even though just a few minutes before she had been so anxious to get home with her bundles, eggs, etc., now she wanted to go right back down town again!! She asked me what I was going to do, whereupon the 3 girls accused her of trying to date me & wondered how my wife would like this.

This eve, mother tells me that Gram went to the Fairmont. She of course, has to be in the thick of the celebration, but I have a hunch the dowager will not stage as wild a demonstration as will be seen at the Mark, the St. Francis, etc. I imagine that in Moscow, the biggest of all the parties will be seen. Maybe even, Jr., your gang will be figuring out just when you will get into your bus and all start for Paris.

Right now, having finished dinner, Dave is in the living room with the two sisters [Alma and Sara]. I shall have to quit now, as it is hard to concentrate.




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