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August 6, 1945
Wabern, Germany

Still in Tents!
No. 44

Dear Folksies,

       Beautiful day today—looks as if ‘tis going to be mighty hot, as a matter of fact. Just hope that business keeps slow enough so that I can pound this typer for a while.

       We anticipate having Roy and Fadley up here for a visit one of these days. In the meantime, we have had a few trucks going back and forth bringing up some of the equipment that Roy can give us – stuff that isn’t on the books, like some of the things we picked up at Palermo, etc.

       We have no new Col. as yet. Supposed to get one from another Evac, but as yet he hasn’t shown up. At present, Maj. Mello is acting as Company C.O. He is the guy from Oakland who interned at St. Mary’s, about whom I told you already.

       Still looking for buildings. Army has ordered us into buildings, but they haven’t been any help in finding any for us and, to date, despite the fact that Ralph, Schmitty or Huff have been out every day searching, they still have been unable to come up with anything adequate for a hospital in this particular area. We have a particular area here, while three other hospitals have surrounding areas. They are all in good buildings, one of which, in fact, is big enough for a couple of hospitals. So it goes.

       Charlie Stone, as I told you, went to Paris for his American Boards in Medicine. He passed. He is Chief of Medicine here now.

       Russ Klein was here for a day, but he is still very much in demand at Lynn Rudee’s outfit, as he is the only one doing surgery – or rather, was for quite a while. They are at Erbach, near Heidelberg.

       Polly Schoder is leaving us. She got orders to be in Paris between the 13th and 15th to start on her way home. We are going to miss her like the devil and I know she, too, is going to miss us. In fact, she received the news that she could go home with mixed emotions. She was happy to go home, but was crying about leaving us. She said she will put up a tent in her back yard in L.A. for any and all of us to visit her when and if we get home. We gave her plenty of talking material for when she gets home – things she can say to maybe get us home. She will be able to say them as a civilian, whereas anyone still in the Army would not be able to do so.

                        Loads of love,



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