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January 31, 1945

January 31, 1945Epinal, France No. 9 (continued) Dear Folksies,             Later we walked to Claudine‘s apartment. Lilice and George sleep in a hotel, but eat and spend most of their time at Claudine’s, helping with the baby, cooking, etc. The apartment consists of three small rooms and a kitchen with a minimum of furniture. They […]

January 30, 1945

January 30, 1945Epinal, France No. 9 (continued) Dear Folksies,            Monday A.M. I got up and had breakfast at the hotel (regular G.I. mess) and then phoned Jeanne, making arrangements to meet her at 12:30 P.M. at her place.  It was fairly nice outdoors, cold but not too bad, so I started walking in search […]

January 29, 1945

January 29, 1945Epinal, France No. 9 (continued) Dear Folksies,          I had supper with them all [Jeanne and David Salomons, and The Weills, whose apartment they are living in temporarily] and remained there talking until time to catch the last subway back to my hotel — the subways run only until 11 P.M.  The food […]

January 28, 1945

January 28, 1945Epinal, France No. 9 (continued) Dear Folksies,            After getting the boys settled in their hotel (a guide was furnished to show us where each hotel was) Harry drove me to mine and then took the truck and parked it for the period that we were in Paris, as you are not supposed […]

January 27, 1945

January 27, 1945Epinal, France No. 9 Dear Folksies,         I did it!  I made it to Paris!         It all came about this-away, Serge and Ann Bryner had left for Paris (loaded with some things for the folks), three of the nurses were scheduled to have their leaves in Paris and the phone rings for […]

January 25, 1945

January 25, 1945Epinal, France No. 8 Dear Folksies,                            Yesterday I received your package with asparagus, artichokes, chopped olives and the wonderful pair of warm socks that Henriette made for me. Thank her just oodles for me, but shall try to drop her a note in a couple of days, anyway. Thanks, oodles, to you […]

January 22, 1945

January 22, 1945Epinal, France No. 7 Dear Folksies,                   Nothing much new since last writing, except that all ears are pretty well glued to the radio these days to hear the news of when the Russians reach Berlin.  Boy, if they do get there first, old Patton is going to be one sore monkey, I […]

January 18, 1945

January 18, 1945Epinal, France No. 6           And still we twiddle our thumbs. Very little snowing in the last days, but our blanket of white remains except over heavily travelled road-beds. Have become fairly well acclimated when outdoors and moving around, but when the steam-heat in our quarters goes on the fritz and we have […]

January 16, 1945

January 16, 1945Epinal, France No. 5 Dear Folksies,                    Roosevelt’s speech of about a week ago has irked a good many.  This business of making such a point about drafting nurses!  Actually I don’t believe the need for nurses is that great.  There’s no reason that WACs couldn’t be used in a great number of […]

January 15, 1945

January 15, 1945Epinal, France No. 4 (conclusion) Dear Folksies,                   The 59th continues to be “wacky” in the eyes of the newcomers.  A couple of days ago a strange sight could be seen outside our officers and nurses quarters.  There we were, some 25 of us (officers and nurses), almost shivering in the cold, outside, […]

January 14, 1945

January 14, 1945Epinal, France No. 4 (continued) Dear Folksies,                  Change in assignments slightly at the moment – Eddie Welles has come off the surgical team and gone on anesthesia and Paul has taken his place. After Eddie has had a little while in that job, then Newsom or Pete will come off their team […]

January 13, 1945

January 13, 1945Epinal, France No. 4 Dear Folksies,                    Sorry, did not mean to let these days slip by without writing to you, but in a minute you shall see where my good intentions yesterday went. We’re still sitting on our – you know what’s, and some have even done so rather dramatically in the […]

January 8, 1945

January 8, 1945Epinal, France No. 3 Dear Folksies,                    And still the snow falls!  We’re really under a blanket now!  In fact, I guess that most of France is pretty white right now. It’s hard to realize that actually when one considers latitudes, the whole of France is pretty far above any of the places […]

January 5, 1945

January 5, 1945Epinal, France No. 2 Dear Folksies,                    We are really under a mighty cold white blanket now, with several inches of that white stuff all over the ground and buildings.  Our boys were out freezing their hands off this morning putting chains on all their trucks, for it looks as if they won’t […]

January 4, 1945

January 4, 1945Epinal, France No. 1 (conclusion) Dear Folksies,                 Had a nice cold ride in an open jeep a couple of days ago. Carroll and I went with Klemperer and Byers in their jeep while the other officers went, warm, in the closed babies that have heaters. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our ride greatly. We felt […]

January 3, 1945

January 3, 1945Epinal, France No. 1 (continued) Dear Folksies,                  Our party on New Years Eve was quite a party.  Originally, a few days before, we had anticipated not being able to have the party, but suddenly it was O.K. and things got under way in nothing flat.  We were going to have the electric […]

January 2, 1945

January 2, 1945Back in Epinal, France No. 1 Dear Folksies,         Yep, ‘tis now 1945 over here! All have pretty well recuperated from a rather wild ushering in of the New Year about which I shall tell you in a few minutes. We hope that despite the fact that the news from the Western Front […]