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January 18, 1945
Epinal, France

No. 6

          And still we twiddle our thumbs. Very little snowing in the last days, but our blanket of white remains except over heavily travelled road-beds. Have become fairly well acclimated when outdoors and moving around, but when the steam-heat in our quarters goes on the fritz and we have to sit around, we do not appreciate it at all.  Chappie has a thermometer that he leaves outside his window and it isn’t till one takes a squint at that that one realizes just how cold he should be feeling outside. This business of the mercury hovering around 0’ and 5’. Below 0’ is not at all to our liking – give us S.F. climate!

          Our Neuro-Surg team has left us, unfortunately. There is a need for them at another Evac within a few blocks of the one Roy is at with Ed. Since Byers is ill and was unable to go at present, it was arranged that Bill Newsom would go with Klemperer, at least until Byers can return to him. Bill, of course, is the only one here who is really especially interested in Neuro-Surg and it is a good break for him. We hope, too, that the fact that Bill is with Klemp will add a lot of weight to our getting the whole team back when we get busy again. We hate to see them go and they hated to leave – all have been most congenial both with officers and men and their enlisted men fitted in with ours perfectly, also.

          Everybody happy to hear the news of the Russian offensive once again. They seem to be doing mighty well. News from South Pacific also mighty encouraging.

          In other good news, Mattie is improving again.

                         Loads of love,



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