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July 28, 1945

July 28, 1945Wabern, Germany Still in Tents No. 43 Dear Folksies,             Things and rumors change so frequently around here these days that it is difficult to keep up on the latest dope. Here’s some of the most recent items: 1) Col. Yarbrough, the C.O., is leaving to go to the 129th Evac., which is […]

July 26, 1945

July 26, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 42 (conclusion) Dear Folksies,        Stories from the other area are terrific. It seems that some of the members of the 108th now disgracing the name of the 59th, are really characters. The Exec Officer in particular! It seems he came in to see Roy one morn and told him he […]

July 24, 1945

July 24, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 42 (continued) Dear Folksies,         Annie Dunn dropped from the air onto us the other day. She has been at anesthesia school in Paris – but apparently most of those schools are just chances for good times in whatever city they happen to be. Her course consisted of 2 lectures a […]

July 22, 1945

July 22, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 42 (continued) Dear Folksies,        Last nite, tho’ I had just awakened at 5:30 P.M. feeling as if the whole Russian Army had walked over my tongue barefoot, I finally decided to go with the group to a show. We had gotten a limited number of tickets for the outfit and […]

July 21, 1945

July 21, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 42 (continued) Dear Folksies,         I was surgical O.D. the other night, and what a night that turned out to be.  I didn’t get to bed until 2 P.M. the next afternoon.  First we had a guy who ran his hand thru a buzz saw, and tho’ he didn’t do a […]

July 20, 1945

July 20, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 42 (continued) Dear Folksies,            We are all really griped about the deal the 59th has gotten, because we feel it should be broken up and the 59th dissolved — rather than having a new (and I must say, lousy) gang taking over the name of the 59th.  Its only salvation […]

July 19, 1945

July 19, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 42 Dear Folksies,                   In the last few days we have been mighty busy and it has been so bloomin’ hot that it has been impossible to do much work, particularly around the noon hours.  At night one is pretty worn out from the heat and the work that has been […]

July 16, 1945

July 16, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 41 (conclusion) Dear Folksies,             We’ve already sent down two trucks to bring up things that were off the records at the 59th, so that this place could be made to function better — they had the men eating sitting on the ground, even!! We sent for tables and chairs.  Their […]

July 14, 1945

July 14, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 41 (continued) Dear Folksies,        One of the funniest things we heard about was the distribution of the so-called “Buddy-badge,” the Bronze Star, amongst the members of this outfit. They gave out some 31 Bronze Stars just because they were there to be given out. What a deal! And the 59th […]

July 13, 1945

July 13, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 41 (continued) Dear Folksies,         Yesterday afternoon I spent out hunting for buildings. Not very successful. Came home at 9:30P.M. to find a party in full swing – so celebrated my birthday that way. Pretty good party at that. [July 12, 1945 was René’s 30th birthday.] Of course all sorts of […]

July 12, 1945

July 12, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 41 (continued) Dear Folksies,           The morning of the 7th, all of us unfortunates who were heading for the 108th piled into various vehicles — the men into the trucks and the officers and nurses (9 officers and 11 nurses) piled into my bus.  Away we went!  That was really a […]

July 11, 1945

July 11, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 41 (continued) Dear Folksies,          On the nite of the 6th, when I was Receiving and Medical O.D. came the bombshell or bombshells!! I tried to get ahold of Bret Smart to see a case that was a possible appendicitis and instead I got ahold of Wally Greene on the phone, […]

July 10, 1945

July 10, 1945Wabern, GermanyNo. 41 Dear Folksies,        Time certainly flitted by again in a great big hurry and here I am writing now as a member of the 108th Evac. Hospital in the town of Wabern, Germany.   The closest big town is Kassel (about 30km north of here). Confusion is still raining!!! A.P.O is […]

July 9, 1945

On July 9, 1945, while in Ellwangen, Germany, as a nurse with the 59th Evacuation Hospital, First Lieutenant Louise Moon celebrated her 29th birthday. Seventy-five years later, her daughter, Jody reported that she celebrated her 104th birthday on July 9, 2020, in Skillman, New Jersey.   . Next letter… Louise Moon at a party in […]

July 4, 1945

July 4, 1945Ellwangen, GermanyNo. 40 (conclusion) Dear Folksies,        Returned here to find another bomb-shell had dropped!  All members of the 59th, including officers and nurses, who have over 85 points are being transferred out to the 108th Evac. Hospital, and all personnel from that outfit who have under 85 points are being transferred to […]

July 3, 1945

July 3, 1945Ellwangen, GermanyNo. 40 (continued) Dear Folksies,             Some of the men – the high pointers – have already started home. Have had about 12 go already. Losing our key personnel rapidly! The boys that have left so far all had over 110 points.             Some of the officers are in Paris, Rheims, and […]

July 1, 1945

July 1, 1945Ellwangen, GermanyNo. 40 (continued) Dear Folksies,           Had an interesting talk with General Wilson for a short while before supper and then again after supper.  I knew that he had known Lois’ father some years ago, but did not know that he had been at U.C. with him, that he had known Lois […]