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July 16, 1945
Wabern, Germany
No. 41 (conclusion)

Dear Folksies,

            We’ve already sent down two trucks to bring up things that were off the records at the 59th, so that this place could be made to function better — they had the men eating sitting on the ground, even!! We sent for tables and chairs.  Their shower unit was horrible, alternately hot and cold in the same few seconds.  We got the “mixer” off our shower unit at the 59th, something that it took Kuhl months to get at Casablanca — and now our showers are good.  I could go on with list after list, but what’s the use — you get the idea anyway.  It just ain’t the 59th!!

            Roy is the C.O. down at the 59th, and, from the looks of things, may stay as such until the unit gets to the U.S.  He’s running the unit as a unit should be run, from all the reports that have come up from there.

            At the moment I’m living with Dunlap, Chappie and Pete Joseph. Cozy tent!

            I got in on an amazing story last night when I was visiting the Military Government Officer at Fritzlar.  I was sitting there talking about buildings when a stocky Jewish fellow of about 32 walked in and asked the M.G. Officer to see the Major, for he wanted permission to shoot a couple of Krauts. The M.G. Officer and I darn near fell over backwards in our seats! 

            It seems that this fellow was on a 48-hour pass from his outfit, some Air Corps Bunch, as he had business to attend to in Fritzlar.  In 1933, he and his family had been dispossessed from their home in Fritzlar, his father and mother are in a concentration camp, and he managed to get out and get to the U.S.  Sooo, he was back to re-claim his property and to find out where his father and mother had been taken. He knew most of the people in the town and was telling the Major all about the big Nazi guys that still remained sort of under-cover. He had recognized some just on the street. The soldier had been a cook in his outfit, and was in the 9th Division for quite a while before he got in the Air Corps (ground forces). It was quite an interesting story, and the Major is probably going to hang onto the fellow for information about things in the town, etc.  Kind of a little melodrama.

                        Loads of love,



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