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July 26, 1945
Wabern, Germany
No. 42 (conclusion)

Dear Folksies,

       Stories from the other area are terrific. It seems that some of the members of the 108th now disgracing the name of the 59th, are really characters. The Exec Officer in particular! It seems he came in to see Roy one morn and told him he tho’t there should be some changes made in the distribution of the men, i.e. the assignments of personnel. He had his list prepared and when Roy saw that most of our old men were slated for guard, instead of for the jobs they had formerly had – well, he read the riot act to the Exec.

       Then a few days ago, that same Exec went into the X-ray Dept. and told our ex-boy, Boler, to develop some films for him – only 40 rolls!! Boler told him he was too busy to do all that, that he was busy taking pictures of patients, and, anyway, the department didn’t work like that. A few rolls Boler would probably have done for him, but 40! And, too, Boler had heard that that guy went around and told people he would get films developed for them for 25 cents – and here he was asking Boler to do them for him and making no mention of payment! Anyway, he gave Boler an order to do them and Boler refused. The Exec. said he would see him afterwards, there being a few other people around. Shortly afterwards, when Boler was still stewing, Roy walked in – he saw Boler and asked him what was the matter. Boler told him and within 15 minutes there was an order out that the X-ray Dept. would develop no film for anyone. It doesn’t take Roy long to act!

       You asked about points. Here’s how mine and the rest of us childless guys of the original 59th stand. Total service in the Army–1 point per month (37). Overseas service–an extra point per month (29). Battle stars—5 points for each star (25). Total, therefore of 91 points. Those with kids, the ones already on their way home, with the exception of some like Huff, Cressman, etc., had, therefore, 103 (more for 2 kids, as Frank had). Bell and Mattie had another 5 for their Bronze Star and Legion of Merit respectively. Cy Johnson’s bronze star just came thru yesterday, so now he is top man of those remaining, as far as points are concerned.

       I agree with your sentiment, Dad, in regard to the handling of the problem over here. It certainly is a complicated one and, as you say, it is going to have to be a long occupation and then only a trial relief of the occupation after that, for it is going to be one helluva long time, if ever, before the German people get the idea that they are the superior ones out of their heads.

       It’s 10:30 P.M. now and someone just turned out the generator so that the good light I was using (the x-ray viewing box) has gone off…I shall call it quits for tonite.

                        Loads of love,



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