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September 30, 1942

No letter from René until tomorrow, but here are excerpts from a letter that Lois sent on September 30, 1942 to Alma, her future mother-in-law… September 30, 1942 Camp Pickett, Virginia Dearest Mommie,        I’m so happy you and my mother could finally get together, if only for such a short while. The picnic in […]

September 29, 1942

September 29, 1942 Fort Pickett, Virginia Dear Folksies,        Sunday nite the Col. came out suddenly and announced rather secretly to a few that officers and nurses were to be allowed leaves up to 10 days with the provision that they be back here by midnight Oct. 9. When I finally found out that officers […]

September 26, 1942

September 26, 1942 Camp Pickett, Virginia Dear Folksies, Last night there was a little party at the Hospital Officers’ Club and they had invited the 59th, so naturally, there being little else to do, most of the gang were decent and showed up, taking a majority of the nurses along with them. Unfortunately, the floor […]

September 25, 1942

September 25, 1942 Camp Pickett, Virginia Dear Folksies, We are situated behind the Station Hospital, which is rather a nice location. We have some shade and some cool trees in the neighborhood. As things stand now we are all working in the hospital. Many of the men of the Station Hosp. are away on leave, […]

September 22, 1942

September 22, 1942 Camp Pickett, Virginia Dear Folksies,      On Sunday evening, being Yom Kippur, I was going to go to Services, but found out that they were only given on the Post at the opposite end of the place from where we were and since it was raining, I decided to go to the […]

September 19, 1942

September 19, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,      Well, the last two days have been bad ones. This gang is a sorry looking outfit today to say the least. At the present moment there are three of the twenty-three in this barracks who are bundled up in bed – their diarrhea is just […]

September 17, 1942

September 17, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,     Regarding “announcing,” we had decided that no camouflage was better than a poor camouflage. And since darn near everyone knew, or suspected so darn strongly it was the same thing, we felt rather safe in bringing the ring to lite.      I must admit that […]

September 14, 1942

September 14, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,        Gee, it was good to hear your voices night before last, Mom and Dad. It is funny to think that one can talk across 3000 miles so easily.              This is certainly a queer Army — after being restricted to the Post for the last […]

September 12, 1942

September 12, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,       Yesterday, just as I was showering in preparation for another journey to N.Y., the news came that, though the Post “alert” was to start at 6A.M. the next day, the 59th was “alerted immediately” and no one can leave at all. Apparently, in other words, […]

September 11, 1942

September 11, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,      On Wednesday, after writing to you, somewhat to my surprise I found that the alert was being lifted at 5 P.M. that afternoon. When I was able to phone from the Camp, about 5:30 P.M. I was able to reach Alain at work. I asked […]

September 9, 1942

September 9, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,       Night before last there were 6 of us who went to N.Y. together – Bob and Bam, Ed Cane and one of the other nurses. We had a wonderful dinner and relatively cheap, at a place called “Barney’s”. Had crab cocktail, a wonderful tenderloin steak, […]

September 7, 1942

September 7, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies, Saturday night we went in to N.Y. and met Horace and Therese downtown and they took us to dinner at the “Claremont” which is an old eating place on about 120th St. on Riverside Drive. It is right by Grant’s Tomb Monument and is an outdoor […]

September 5, 1942

September 5, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,        Thursday evening we went into N.Y. as usual, but couldn’t get tickets for the Olson and Johnson show, i.e. the half price tickets. May have to get the regular tickets if we want to see it.        We had arranged to meet an old friend […]

September 3, 1942

September 3, 1942 Camp Kilmer, NJ Dear Folksies,         Tuesday P.M. we went to N.Y. as usual. It was a nice cool evening. We weren’t able to get tickets for the Olson and Johnson show, but succeeded in getting some for “Claudia.”         Lois and I were alone so we went to the Brass Rail […]

September 1, 1942

September 1, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies, They really pulled a dirty deal yesterday. Actually the “alert” was over at 6 A.M., but Post Headquarters somehow failed to notify the 59th and it wasn’t until we began to see a few civilians on the Post that we got suspicious and finally Carroll Russell […]