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September 14, 1942

Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

Dear Folksies,

       Gee, it was good to hear your voices night before last, Mom and Dad. It is funny to think that one can talk across 3000 miles so easily.      

       This is certainly a queer Army — after being restricted to the Post for the last three days we are now back to a semi-restriction set-up. We are allowed six-hour passes from 5:30P.M. to 11:30 P.M. on the every-other-night basis again. Reason? You tell me! Apparently the Colonel, expects us to move but doesn’t have the slightest idea when it will be, so I guess we are going to have a repetition of our last 10 days at Ord with everyone taking cleaning and laundry in for 24 hour service every day for 10 days.

       Roy Cohn went to the hospital today – where he should have been several days ago. He has had a bum knee, as I told you, and yesterday Mattie aspirated it and the report today is that there were some pus cells in the fluid removed. Roy is much better today, but because of the lab report the Col. had him go to the hospital. In all probability the number of pus cells was not more than normal, but it might be something worse than Roy anticipated. Hope not! Cultures taken but no growth as yet.

       Our other casualties are doing fine. Miss Thornton leaves the hospital tomorrow and Frank Lusignan was up walking around some yesterday and today.

       It was just 3 months ago since June 13th when Lois and I met. As to the “announcing,” as it was more or less known around here for the last month anyway, and since Miss Nicolls (Nicky), the head nurse, wears an engagement ring (though I think her engagement is broken), we figured there wasn’t any harm in a ring. Of course, we got considerable comment, but it was all favorable, especially from Miss Nicolls and from the Colonel. As a matter of fact, Lois is Nicky’s favorite (which I have known before she started congratulations), and, somehow I am apparently in the Colonel’s good graces — either that or he had had too much to drink at the party the other night when he saw the ring and was congratulating Lois. It was apparently all very much O.K. with him.

                    Loads of love,



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