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October 31, 1943

No letter from René on October 31, 1943, so we will enjoy an excerpt from the journal of Dr. Phil Westdahl.             The mountains around Palermo are really beautiful. Behind us is one long ridge, about 2500 feet at its highest point. Behind the airport is a single peak about 1000 ft. […]

October 27, 1943

October 27, 1943 Continuation of No 63 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Have a new innovation in the hospital now. Have instituted a broadcasting system so that now the place almost sounds like the San Francisco Hospital with its system of calling “Doctor so and so,” but instead it is now “Captain so and so, […]

October 20, 1943

October 20, 1943 No 63 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             We are now having ice-cream twice a week. It’s made out of powdered milk and eggs, but it has been swell. They started us off with vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce and there was plenty for all. That is, all except Lois. She sneaked back […]

October 16, 1943

October 16, 1943 Palermo, Sicily Dear Gram,             We are still working steadily, running quite a big joint all the time, but at least we have all the conveniences we could really wish for. In fact, one day someone got the idea that it would be better if the patients on the second floor of […]

October 15, 1943

October 15, 1943 No 62 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Yesterday we had quite a nice experience. We had little joy ride around the island — a plane ride that took us to such places as Sciacca, Agrigento, Castelvetrano, and a couple of other places. We were taken to lunch at Agrigento by the pilot […]

October 10, 1943

October 10, 1943 No 61 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Last night Bob Treadwell, Fran and I were invited to dinner by some Yugoslav officers for whom we have done some things. Lois was working anyway, but not knowing how great were their facilities, we three went alone without Lois and Hal. It was a […]

October 6, 1943

October 6, 1943 No 60 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Despite the fact that things are going on as usual, rather full blast, ‘tis rather quiet at the moment so here are a few minutes to chat with you. Lois is again working nights and sleeping days. As a consequence, haven’t done anything exciting in […]

October 2, 1943

October 2, 1943 No 58 & 59 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             About 12 days ago, Gil Bishop came in to eight of us and said that the Colonel wanted us in his office at 6 P.M. for a meeting. We all wondered what it could be about. Gil told us what we already knew, […]