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December 31, 1943

December 31, 1943No. 71 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Yes, I’ve really been awfully bad again about not writing, but unfortunately I just haven’t felt in the writing mood. And despite the fact that I know you like to get letters whether they are worthwhile or not, I just somehow couldn’t sit down and get […]

December 23, 1943

December 23, 1943Continuation of No. 71 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Had a surprise awaiting Jim Hamilton the other day when he returned from his leave. He and Gus Stola went to Oran for their leave and had a devil of a time getting back. In fact, they were two days over due because they […]

December 18, 1943

December 18, 1943No. 70 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Here it is Saturday night, just one week till Xmas! I’m certainly hoping that at this time next year we will all be back home together anticipating a Xmas at 15-26th Ave. in the old style. Right now, despite the fact that we have been bad […]

December 12, 1943

December 12, 1943No. 69 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Things here haven’t been too rushing of late and yet we manage to have something to keep us busy most of the time. My medical ward has been rather interesting what with a boy with some kind of purpura and another with a nice big kidney […]

December 7, 1943

December 7, 1943No. 68 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Today I received the swell Roos Bros. shirt you sent me, Dad, Mom and Bobsy – likewise the tie from Sal that went along with it. Am deeply grateful as my others are plenty worn around the neck. I am a bit puzzled, however, I know […]

December 5, 1943

December 5, 1943 Palermo, Sicily Dear Sal & Dave,            Lois and I feel as if we are certainly the most fortunate kids in the world getting all the things you people have been sending us. Yes, there are none better than Blum’s Almondettes & Coffeeteens. Thanks just oodles. Thanks, too, for the wonderful alligator […]

December 4, 1943

December 4, 1943No. 67 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Despite the fact that last Sunday night I fully intended to write this letter regarding all the wonderful presents we received, we both got awfully tired and didn’t get around to going through the long list. So, now, if you notice different words or typing when […]