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December 5, 1943

Palermo, Sicily

Dear Sal & Dave,

           Lois and I feel as if we are certainly the most fortunate kids in the world getting all the things you people have been sending us. Yes, there are none better than Blum’s Almondettes & Coffeeteens. Thanks just oodles. Thanks, too, for the wonderful alligator slippers you sent me. They are most comfortable, fit perfectly, and feel just swell to loaf around the room in – not that much loafing is done, however, I assure you.

           I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful toilet article case and set. ‘Tis most thoughtful of you and very useful. I have been using Williams’ Shaving Stick for the last year and the shaving cream you sent was a most welcome change. In fact, have saved it strictly for evening shaves – Lois likes the smell and feel of it much better.

           Shaving powder, toothpaste (my favorite Kolynos which is absolutely unobtainable here), blades, nail repair set, comb and nail file, are all already in active use. Yes, you have really been much too good to us.

           And then, by golly, we were astounded to find that you had sent us still another package – ‘twas almost the “piece de resistance” – the cans of Underwood’s deviled ham and the Pate de Fois Gras – what a difference from the so-called Spam we get. The can opener, too, was quite a nice sight to behold. Hope that it will have plenty of use – our pocket-knives have a bad time getting most cans open without taking a few fingers along with them. Also, tanks a million for the ingenious flashlight, the peanuts, and of course for the tea. In fact, right at this moment, while typing this letter, I am sipping some of the tea, while Lois is indulging in some coffee the boys have whipped up for her – the team comes in handy for me, as I do not like coffee, as you know. Yep, the tea is mighty good.

            Darling Sally and Dave, this is Lois talking now – I’m overwhelmed by all your sweet thoughts in sending so very many, so very perfect, gifts. Maybe we were naughty to have gone ahead and opened them so prematurely, but somehow, I’m not the least bit sorry, now the deed is done. Every single day I’m enjoying them all, and getting the mostest use out of them! I can never thank you enough, but perhaps you could grasp a vague inkling of how very thrilled and appreciative I am.

           The seersucker robe is the answer to an ANC maiden’s dream! And the slippers are simply perfect. And I’m every so proud of the adorable identification bracelet! (I’ve even let my dog tags have a rest occasionally, since I’ve been wearing it, and it hasn’t been off since the day it arrived!) The lipstick is most elegant, and the food positively divine! The wash cloths, and buttons, and sewing equipment are most handy! Thanks again for all.

           Dave, your cigar for the Colonel is the swellest idea! Leave it to you! And it gave birth to a wonderful idea, for Ren and I have decided to fill a little stocking with miscellaneous stuff, and hang it on his door Xmas eve!

             Incidentally, the Old Man walked in on us, as we were in the middle of opening a couple of Xmas packages and he gently reprimanded us for not waiting until the 25th, and then after chit-chatting a while, he departed with the remark that if he opened his before the day, he hoped that no one caught him in the act! P.S. Latest reports have it that he succumbed, and has followed suit! Hardly a soul has had the will power to pile his packages in a corner, without peaking.

           Now, all we want for Christmas is to see the war end, and some of us have weakened, and gotten excited about the latest pure rumors that it may not be long! At this point, its hard to resist such wonderful thoughts!

Loads of love,



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