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November 30, 1943

November 30, 1943End of No. 66 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Some leaves are being dished out now, for the first time since we’ve been overseas, and, as a matter of fact, we are one of the last hospitals to receive leaves over here. Collie went first and had a nice trip, going to Cairo, […]

November 28, 1943

November 28, 1943 Continuation of No. 66 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,           Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. And what did we have as a Thanksgiving feast? Had chicken instead of turkey, but the chick was mighty good, and along with it went stuffing, sweet potatoes, peas, cranberry jelly, apple pie, cheese, nuts and hard candy. ‘Twas […]

November 27, 1943

November 27, 1943 No. 66 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Here is your very bad son again, being most repentant for not having written. Please forgive me!! Have no particular excuse except that we have been admitting some every day instead of every-other day and as a consequence it has seemed that every time I […]

November 21, 1943

November 21, 1943 Continuation of No. 65 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,              I must thank you, Dad, ever ever so much for the wonderful pair of glasses you sent me. They are really marvelous, but I feel guilty when I think of how much you must have paid for them. And then again, I shudder […]

November 14, 1943

November 14, 1943 No. 65 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Here it is Sunday night and Lois and I are down in Supply again pounding away at the typers. Things have slowed down considerably as far as my business is concerned, but Lois is still going pretty much full blast. Somehow she manages to tear […]

November 10, 1943

November 10, 1943 Continuation of No. 64 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             Numerous packages arrived the other day – packages that apparently were mailed after the glasses you got me. These, of course, were Xmas packages and I’m amazed that they arrived so quickly. Have not as yet opened them, but wonder if they will […]

November 5, 1943

November 5, 1943 No. 64 Palermo, Sicily Dear Folksies,             I have been kept busy for the last couple of weeks and never did manage to sit down at a typer long enough to do much good. When I have had some few minutes time then all our typers have been busy. Mine, at the […]