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October 16, 1945

October 16, 1945 San Francisco (Hooray!)…conclusion My dear Yvette,          Since being home I have spent most of my time visiting friends and have spent some time out at the County Hospital and at Stanford Hospital trying to find out what opportunities are being offered for further study and hospital work.  As yet I do not […]

October 15, 1945

October 15, 1945 San Francisco (Hooray!) continued… My dear Yvette,            On Tuesday morning (October 2) we arrived at Camp Beale, which is near Sacramento, about 120 miles north of San Francisco.  We soon found out that not only would we be allowed to leave the camp within 48 hours, but that we would actually be […]

October 14, 1945

October 14, 1945 San Francisco (Hooray!) My dear Yvette,             At last I have a little free time and am able to sit down and do what I have been wanting to do for the past week, and that is to tell you about the trip home and how perfectly the surprise worked.  It couldn’t […]

October 9, 1945

October 9, 1945 San Francisco (Hooray!) Letter to Marie-Louise (conclusion…)          From Wilmington, we were told that we would be going the rest of the way by train and that we would probably get out that afternoon or evening. We had arrived at Wilmington at 3:30 A.M. (EST). After getting bunks and unpacking a bit […]

October 8, 1945

San Francisco (Hooray!) Letter to Marie-Louise continued…             In Paris, we were given some dope on how we were going home, about Customs declarations and also a movie on how to conduct oneself in case the plane has to land in the water and be deserted for rubber lift-rafts. It was all most interesting.  Every […]

October 7, 1945

October 7, 1945 San Francisco (Hooray!) Dear M.L. [Marie-Louise, René’s sister, who is living in Puerto Rico with her husband and two children],             Have been wanting to write to you ever since arriving home, but you can well imagine how little actual time I have had to sit down at a typewriter without interruptions, […]