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July 20, 1943

René’s journal entry for July 20, 1943…          Got back after midnight July 16, and stayed in the outer harbor until morn, coming in around 8 A.M.             Again we loaded up after the many hours it took to clean out our tank deck – what a time they had shoveling out the sand and the […]

July 10, 1943

René’s journal entry for July 10, 1943…            On the night of the July 8th and all during the day and night of the 9th, the weather was fierce — the water was rough and there was a 40- to 60-mile-an-hour gale blowing the whole time. I decided to spend most of my time on my […]

July 7, 1943

René’s journal entry for July 7, 1943…             On the 7th, as we were completely loaded we had orders to go to the outer harbor and anchor, so I went up early to the 56th and found that three of our boys could come back to the ship, so I brought them back with me. […]