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October 10, 1944

October 10, 1944Epinal, France No. 57 Dear Folksies,             A bit more of a breathing spell than I anticipated when I pounded out my last letter to you. Sooo, here I am in Receiving at the moment with good night’s sleep behind me and nothing in particular to do this afternoon unless things get good […]

June 16, 1942

June 16, 1942Tuesday night Ft. Ord, California Dear Folksies,        I think, perhaps, that one of the reasons for not having written sooner was that in the last week I have done so much typing for lectures, etc. that typing for letter writing appeared to be too much of a self-inflicted drudgery for the time […]

May 31, 1942

May 31, 1942Sunday night Ft. Ord, California Dear Folksies,          Yesterday I was Officer of the Day and spent most of my time catching up on my correspondence, as there were only a few duties attached to the O.D.  However, since I had to stay over in the office and even sleep over in Headquarters, […]