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May 31, 1942
Sunday night

Ft. Ord, California

Dear Folksies,

         Yesterday I was Officer of the Day and spent most of my time catching up on my correspondence, as there were only a few duties attached to the O.D.  However, since I had to stay over in the office and even sleep over in Headquarters, I was thankful that I had something to do besides read all afternoon and evening. This morning at about 7 A.M. (on a Sunday, too, by gosh), I had to receive a radiogram and it was to inform Lt. Col. Bolibaugh that he could now wear the Eagles. Yes, he really was proud this morning and he took off his silver leaf in a hurry, was sworn in as a full Col. and appeared at lunch with his eagles.

       Incidentally, there is some rumor that Yehudi is coming here next Sunday – I wonder if there is any truth in it!

                    Loads of love,


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