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May 30, 1945

René doesn’t know it yet, but on May 30, 1945, his second cousin Yvette Baumann Bernard returned to Paris. Sixteen months earlier (on January 28, 1944) she and her husband Jean Guy Bernard, ranking members of the French Resistance, had been arrested by the Gestapo at their apartment in Paris. Yvette spent 3 months in […]

August 3, 1944

August 3, 1944 was a fateful day for Jean-Guy Bernard (the husband of René’s second cousin  Yvette Baumann Bernard). Unbeknownst to René, on July 31, 1944, Jean-Guy was “deported” from Drancy Prison in northeastern France aboard Convoy No. 77. Destination: Auschwitz, Poland. Passionate for aviation, Jean-Guy had enlisted as an aviation fighter in 1939. He […]