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October 20, 1942

Camp Pickett, Virginia

Dear Folksies,

      Last night we went to see “The Major and the Minor” with Ray Milland and Ginger Rogers. It was a marvelous picture and if you haven’t already seen it you definitely should. It was a scream and we howled all the way through.

We had gone to the show in a jeep that George Sterba drove (he being transportation officer) and when we came out we decided to take a little short cut to the jeep, instead of going through the mob directly in front of the theater. That was fatal!! In the dim light that surrounded the theater we forgot that this place is at times a bit moist underfoot and the next thing we knew we were slushing through mud. Luckily it only reached the top of my low shoes and splashed the rest of the way up to the knees, so that when we sauntered into the officers’ club we were only mildly clay colored from the knees down. The stuff brushes off very easily, however, if allowed to dry on the clothes, so it wasn’t so bad as it might sound.

                    Loads of love,



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