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November 13, 1942

Camp Pickett, Virginia

Dear Folksies,

       Yesterday morning we were awakened by the clatter in the kitchen area at about 4:45 A.M., as they were going to serve the men early so that they could get them started hiking back early, and also could get the mess equipment packed on the trucks and back to camp. We finally managed to get Housely out of bed to light the fire at about 6:30 A.M., as we had to run a sick call before the men started hiking back. It was the coldest morning that we have had – frost all over the place. Paul and I wonder what time we would have actually gotten up if we hadn’t had Housely around. As it was, the latter had his bed pretty close to the stove and jumped out, threw some wood on the fire, threw a match in after it, and jumped back to bed in a second. Soon it was warmed sufficiently to venture out and get dressed. And after grabbing a bit of breakfast we packed up all our stuff. We only had a couple of patients, so there wasn’t much to do.

      So, here we are back in civilization again. However, as I think I said once before, if I’d been able to be with Lois more often, and if we had had showers out there, I wouldn’t have minded staying in the field longer. Back here in the barracks they have veered to the other extreme, so that now the bloomin’ place is kept too hot and one is constantly facing different temperatures going in and out of the buildings, to the mess hall, to the hospital, etc. Out in the field, we were cool most of the time during the day and we didn’t have to be changing our clothes, sweaters, jackets, etc. every few minutes.

       I’m now back working some in the orthopedic clinic, but also am running the dispensary for our own bunch – about 8 or 9 patients each day. The job has been passed around among some of the bunch, and it is my turn now.

       Yesterday, on our return we were issued some new equipment — this time we got swell polaroid goggles that protect against wind and glare — rubber around the edges so that they fit very closely. Also got sand filters to wear when the necessity arises. Besides that, we got mosquito netting both for our beds and to wear over hats and helmets. You figure it out!!! I hear, however, that summer uniforms are being carried by our Supply for the men. All equipment is 99% packed and labeled for N.Y.P.O.E. When it or we go is a ?????

                    Loads of love,



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