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May 6, 1945
Heidenheim, Germany
No. 33 (conclusion)

Dear Folksies,        

             One wonders just where all this is going to end — I don’t see where there can ever be anything but a vicious circle.  This war was partly a result of the feeling in Germany that they had been given a raw deal in the last war.  The Russians who are coming into Germany are inflicting violence on the Germans with the idea that the Germans did the same and worse to them and their families and their women a couple of years ago when Germany invaded Russia.  All those of all nationalities are going to naturally feel that they want to get back at those that had been their captors and who had so mistreated them.  And now the Germans, who are being beaten down, are going to hate their conquerors, particularly the Russians who are not so foolishly kind-hearted as the Americans — and there again are the seeds for World War III.  Where does it get you? They all want the Americans to be the ones that “Occupy” – why? Because they know that the Americans are gullible and can be buffaloed into almost anything.

            Marie-Louise, gee, you’re wonderful getting all those shoes. I’m sure Claudine will appreciate them greatly.

                        Loads of love,



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