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July 4, 1944
No. 34
Anzio, Italy

Dear Folksies,

           Nothing of much consequence in the last few days. Continuing with slow business and also continuing with the usual civilian stuff. Have just now finished giving my French a work-out talking to a couple of French Lieutenants concerning a couple of their patients that I have. They both came from the petticoats of Paris, originally.

            They’ve finally gotten some sense when it comes to the showing of movies in our area. Rather than have everyone swelter in the tent for an indoor showing, and then having to show it two or three times to let all the people a chance to see it, they have now built an outdoor stage and screen and things are so shaded that it does not violate blackout rules. There is, therefore, plenty of room for all to see the show. The only difficulty, however, is that it keeps everyone up somewhat later than they should be, because the show cannot be started until it gets at least partially dark. The moon at this time of the month, too, is no added help, as it has been darn near full. One thing, the days are getting shorter now, rather than longer and we can gradually advance the time of the showing as time goes on.

            Have a good Tahoe Time for me.

                                                                                        Loads of love,



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