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February 19, 1944
No. 5

Palermo, Sicily

Dear Folksies,

            When it rains it pours – and it has been doing just that of late, (i.e. on and off with occasional startling snow) – I wrote that we had finally gotten an ENT man – yes, but that isn’t all. We got another new Capt. yesterday and the Col, greeted him, hoping that he was a psychiatrist, only to find that he is an Eye man. He was originally supposed to come to us way back in early December, but because he was ill at the time, his orders were cancelled, and then, for some reason, he found himself finally traveling here anyway. Name: Capt. Waugh, from Brooklyn. I do not know his first name at the moment.

            So, now, we have dignified things by the fact that we have attached to us, or rather, as part of us, an “Otorhinolaryngologist” and an “Opthalmologist”. The boys have been slinging those words around for the last couple of days and have managed to baffle each other. They have set up their clinics and are now in full swing.

            Dad, I’m glad you finally had your B.P. checked – don’t let it get higher! And I’m interested in the penicillin success you mention – let me know more when you know more. So far, except for one other case, only our V.D.’s have gotten it.

                                                                                            Loads of love,



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