June 5, 1944 newspaper

D-31-068-1.44.Road Trip.2 copy.cropped

B-28-132-Palermo-Mondello Beach-Rene+Cy Kiernan copy

Bill Drew’s grave

C-28-137-Palermo baseball game copy

B-28-133-Sewell Brown+fish copy

D-20-050-Palermo-Mondello Beach

B-37-149-Palermo-Mondello Beach-dupe copy

Palermo – Mondello Beach copy

True to Life

Telegram Mothers Day 1944

Japanese soldiers in Italy

B-31-142-Palermo-Roy Cohn pitching baseball copy


Microsoft Word – Yvette 12.43.docx

B-32-144-Palermo-Rene+Ed Morrill copy

Dixie copy

B-32-145-Palermo-Vern Winslow copy

B-29-137-Palermo-Bill Gratopp copy

D-42-103-4.44-Pete Joseph-Palermo Hosp Area-2

B-26-130-Palermo-Officer’ Club Bar-doctors copy


D-39-099-3.44.Road Trip-Taormina copy

D-37-091-3.44.Road Trip-Taormina-Rene+Eddie copy

D-37-088-3.44.Road Trip-Taormina copy

D-33-079-3.44.Road Trip-Dutch Boven Taormina

D-39-097-3.44.Road Trip-Taormina Peak copy

D-36-086-3.44.Road Trip-Taormina copy

D-41-103-3.44.Road Trip-gang copy

Dutch Boven in Sicily

D-33-077-3.44.Road Trip

Dutch Boven in Sicily

C-26-133-Taormina Greek Theater

C-38-146-Strait of Messina

C-38-146-Strait of Messina

Chuck Schwartz with unidentified person


Jack Dunlap, MD005 copy

D-42-104-4.44-doctors-Palermo Hosp Area copy

B-35-148-Palermo-148 copy

B-35-148-Palermo-148 copy

D-43-110-Martha Morris copy

2.27.44.Paul Stratte-Palermo Hosp Area

D-42-107-4.44-Paul Stratte-Palermo Hosp Area copy

D-42-106-4.44-Bill Newsom-Palermo Hosp Area copy

fried eggs

C-28-136-Palermo baseball game copy

B-29-138-Palermo-Snuffy Thraves copy



Jack Benny

D-19-046-Palermo Hosp Red Cross copy


C-35-147-Palermo city, nice street

C-20-125-Palermo-bombed buildings copy


C-21-128-Palermo-chow line copy

Lois postcard to Uncle Lou & Tante Marie

Bill Drew with unidentified persons

A-52-147-Wally Greene sleeping copy

D-25-057-Palermo-Rene in Officers Club copy

Erice-James Campbell

B-31-143-Palermo-Russ Klein batting baseball

Roy Barnett Cohn (1909-1999)

Lois Letter 1.18.44 copy copy

Nurse’s Funeral in Palermo copy

D-22-053-Palermo-Villa-Rene-18 mi east copy

D-38-093-1.44.Road Trip-Taormina amphitheater copy

D-38-096-1.44.Road Trip-Taormina-Mt. Etna copy

D-38-095-1.44.Road Trip-Taormina amphitheater copy

D-38-094-1.44.Road Trip-Taormina amphitheater copy

D-37-090-1.44.Road Trip-Taormina copy

D-35-083-1.44.Road Trip-Messina-Rene+Eddie copy

D-34-082-1.44.Road Trip-Catania copy

D-32-076-1.44.Road Trip copy