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April 25, 1944
No. 18

Palermo, Sicily

Dear Folksies,

           Nothing new except the deluge of V-mail pages that I received from you this A.M., so, while I still have time I figured that I better answer them pronto.

            I was interested in Lois’ letter to you, Bobsy. I haven’t heard from her in a few weeks, though I have read a couple of her letters to others (Fran Trembley and Ed Morrill). I don’t like the sound of that “continuous cold” business – but actually I don’t think she has gotten rid of the one she had way back in October. I think, however, that her itching is going to be cured rather rapidly. From what I’ve heard through George Davis, your reactions to her letter are just about correct, also.

                                                                                         Loads of love,



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