Thanks to all the readers who have been part of this first year of “Dear Folksies” … and a special thanks to those who have shared their thoughts with me about my father’s letters.

       This website is a tribute not only to my Dad, but to all of the members of the 59th Evacuation Hospital Unit.  So, to celebrate this one-year anniversary, here is a photograph of the doctors (and the chaplain) who were in the unit when René wrote his first letter home on April 11, 1942 from Ft. Lewis, Washington.

       You have gotten to know many of them this past year — stay tuned for their next adventures.

All the best,

Doctors & Chaplain of the 59th Evacuation Hospital Unit
Ft. Lewis, Washington – April 1942
(Click photo to enlarge)

Top Row: Capt. Edward Blasdel, 1st Lt. William Newsom, Capt. Sewell Brown, Capt. Philip Westdahl, Capt. Bert Halter

Second Row: 1st Lt. René Bine, Jr., 1st Lt. William Kuzell, 1st. Lt. Paul Stratte, 1st. Lt. Leonard Schmitz, 1st. Lt. William Drew; 1st Lt. Oscar Carlson, 1st. Lt. Nelson Bell

Third Row: 1st Lt. James Hamilton, 1st Lt. Sergius Bryner, 1st Lt. Harold Williams; 1st Lt. Peter Joseph; 1st Lt. Robert Treadwell; Capt. Elmer Chappell, Capt. Carroll Russell

Fourth Row: Capt. Ralph Cressman, Chaplain Joseph Clark, Capt. Louis Huff, Capt. Marvin Hodgson, Capt. Emile Schuster, Capt. Russell Klein, Capt. Bret Smart, Capt. George Armanini, Capt. Charlton Schwartz

Front Row: Major Frank Gerbode, Major George Wood, Major Roy Cohn, Lt. Col. Carleton Mathewson (Mattie), Lt. Col. William Reilly, Major Wallace Greene, Major Roberto Escamilla, Major Phillips Johnson