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December 30, 1942

December 30, 1942 Casablanca, Morocco No. 2 Dear Folksies,        Here I am, having unfortunately been unable to write for the last 8 or 9 days. My first letter since leaving was on the 21st and I hope that by now you have received it. Unfortunately, the day after we arrived here it was decided […]

December 21, 1942

December 21, 1942 No. 1 Dear Folksies,        Here I am sitting on deck, on the wood padded by my life preserver, listening to the usual daily band concert. Lois is beside me and I notice she is also writing to you, so you may get some repetition. But since you haven’t had any mail […]

December 15, 1942

No letter from René for a while. By December 15, 1942 would his parents have known that he was on a ship heading across the Atlantic? They certainly would have been thinking of him, so here are some photos of him from 1919-1941. René with his mother, Alma, and sister, Marie-Louise René in Golden Gate […]

December 9, 1942

December 9, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,        I was sure glad to be able to catch you last night from N.Y. When I called home at first, I was terribly disappointed because, as that was about 10:15 P.M. I knew that we only had about an hour more in which to try […]

December 8, 1942

December 8, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies, The nurses that were dropped have just been replaced in the last few days. However, we had a new blow yesterday – this time no doing of His Highness. We all just wish we had gone overseas when we were here at Kilmer before – then […]

December 3, 1942

December 3, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,        Sunday night we went to bed early in preparation for an early start on Monday. I got up a little before 6 A.M. on Monday and after getting ready I walked over to Lois’ barracks and with Lois, Bam, Fran, and Pat Barry and Gert […]

December 2, 1942

December 2, 1942 Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Dear Folksies,        ‘Tis a cold and terrifically windy day today and the wind seems to blow right through the barracks. However, I’m glad to be able to say that my bloomin’ sinuses have cleared up nicely in the last few days and my throat looks as good […]