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October 13, 1942

. Next letter… The Two Mrs. Bines – Lois M. Bine (René’s new bride) and Alma K. Bine (René’s mother) * About René & Dear Folksies  ⇒

October 9, 1942

October 9, 1942 Camp Pickett, Virginia Dear Folksies,      Things around here are all mixed up and no one knows where anything stands. At the present moment I am not at all sure that we are going to be able to go to Richmond to see Mom and Marie-Louise. It may be necessary for them […]

September 30, 1942

No letter from René until tomorrow, but here are excerpts from a letter that Lois sent on September 30, 1942 to Alma, her future mother-in-law… September 30, 1942 Camp Pickett, Virginia Dearest Mommie,        I’m so happy you and my mother could finally get together, if only for such a short while. The picnic in […]

August 8, 1942

August 8, 1942 Ft. Ord, California Dear Folksies,        Lois and I walked on the beach quite a way to get some much needed exercise. Since we’ve known we were moving, the principal exercise has been packing — then finding something else that was needed, therefore requiring a short walk to the Post Exchange.        […]

August 5, 1942

August 5, 1942 Ft. Ord, California Dear Folksies,       First of all, thanks, Mom, for coming down here. It was swell to have you here, though in a way it is often just better to be able to leave without having to say good-bye.        It is all very confusing, however, since rations for the […]

July 8, 1942

Next letter…  Nurses serving in the Army Nurse Corps at this time were not allowed to be married. Ultimately that rule was changed in October 1942, but a nurse was still not allowed to serve in the same unit as her husband — she would be required to transfer out to another unit. Lois & […]

June 13, 1942

Next letter… Lois McFarland – a nurse in René’s unit * About René & Dear Folksies  ⇒