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August 5, 1942

Ft. Ord, California

Dear Folksies,

      First of all, thanks, Mom, for coming down here. It was swell to have you here, though in a way it is often just better to be able to leave without having to say good-bye.

       It is all very confusing, however, since rations for the train are ordered to be delivered before the weekend. Rumors are rampant and they change in character every few minutes. One thing is certain, however, New York it is!

       This is given us as o.k. to pass on to relatives now, so the place is no longer a secret, though the time naturally is. However, still stick to the original plan about the desert until we’ve definitely gone — it may be okay to tell the truth while we are en route though with our family it might be better to wait until you hear from New York.

     Incidentally, 7 days are figured for the trip. I will wire as soon as possible after arrival and then probably phone if we get to go into the City itself.

     Last night I was at Del Monte with Lois as Dr. Seeburt was treating us to dinner. He, as you probably know, has had 3 coronaries and now can only walk short distances and do very little work – no medicine. It seems that when he had his last and worst coronary Lois took care of him at St. Francis and since then they have been good friends, as he attributes his recovery to her.

                    Loads of love,


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