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July 30, 1943

July 30, 1943No. 49Bizerte, Algeria Dear Folksies,                       The mail finally caught up with us and the whole outfit is now reunited. All, incidentally, hale and hearty. Roy and our gang officially rejoined yesterday, but I had been with the Col. on the night of July 25th, one gang arrived the following A.M. and then […]

April 13, 1943

April 13, 1943Continuation of No. 19 Casablanca, Morocco Dear Folksies,         Last night ago we had quite a soiree — not quite a night at the opera, but anyway some singing at the local theater. The program began with a movie, “Three Loves has Nancy” with Janette Gaynor, Robert Montgomery, and Franchot Tone. And speaking […]