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September 5, 1944
Carpentras, France

No. 49

Dear Folksies,

            Have used Fadley’s bicycle a bit in the last few days and cycled into the nearby town. It beats walking all to heck and since the roads are very good and smooth one can cover ground rapidly.

          These small French towns are really rather interesting and I had fun just wandering around on the bike and sticking my head into odd corners. This afternoon a group of officers and nurses were taken to another town some distance away and we spent our time walking around, looking in stores and visiting a couple of historical points of interest. It was a nice looking clean place with department stores that could compete with many of ours, both in appearance and to a great extent in merchandise. Clothing seems to be about the most consistently expensive items, but I was surprised that other things were for the most part not really high in price. The nurses particularly made numerous small purchases.

          I bought some perfume for Gram (don’t tell her till it arrives!) but knowing that the rest of you don’t go in for that like she does, I refrained from getting any for you. However, if you do want some, let me know and give me some idea as to type, etc.

                                                                                        Loads of love,



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