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October 20, 1944
Epinal, France

Conclusion of No. 61

Dear Folksies,

         The “Cohn Regime” of the Officers’ Club is over! Roy’s 6-month reign was terminated and a new group of officers elected for the next 6-month period. Had anyone challenged the count of the votes for President and Vice-President, it would have really been something, for, with 21 persons present there were 35 votes for Reilly!!! Smart was unwillingly run against Reilly, but some people stuffed the ballot, just voting for President and Vice-President several times – Cohn was the biggest culprit, accounting for at least 8 of those extra votes himself. And so it was a landslide for Reilly as President and Chappell as Vice-President. Greene, the louse, after I’ve been so good as to type up so many of his histories and operative notes in the last week, put me up for Secretary, so I’m it. Vallar is treasurer.

            The “rumor” that I mentioned in my last letter has apparently been based on fact! That is, the Old Man is actually going home within a couple of weeks. He hopes to go home via England as he recently found out that his son is still there, not having come over to France at all as yet. Wonder who will replace him??

            Request: Two double plugs – one the plug-in type and one the screw-in type. Also, a couple of T-shirts”, i.e. cotton undershirts with sleeves that come just about 4 in. below the shoulder on the arm – enough to catch the perspiration from the axilla. Can get the other kind (i.e. without any sleeves) easy enough from Supply or PX, but the T-type that I got at Ord have just about seen their last washings.

            Sorry, but I guess I must have really been a dumb-bunny thinking that Gram was really the only one who would like the perfume! Shall try to do better, but have my doubts, as I am no longer in the land of plentiful.

           Yes, you did rightly by sending Dad’s golf socks. That is the type I wanted – mainly because of extra thickness – thicker than the regular Army so-called wool socks – and long enough to go more than an inch above the boots.

           Well, C-rations call……

                                                                                       Loads of love,



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