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November 1, 1942

Camp Pickett, Virginia

Dear Folksies,

       Yesterday P.M. I went in with a couple of the officers only to find that Lois had gone into Petersburg to do some shopping with Fran, as she did not expect that I would be able to get in before evening, if at all. I had to come back to camp before dinner, so didn’t get a chance to see her.

       Last night it really poured here, but we remained nice and warm and dry in our tent. This morning it cleared up and now, though windy, is nice and sunny out.

       While Paul was gone this A.M. two of the officers decided on a little tour of reconnaissance in a jeep. One of the men and myself went with them and we went all over the neighboring fields in the darn jeep. We did fine as long as we kept off the roads, but just as soon as we started to go on one of the roads we hit trouble – the jeep got stuck really good, bogged down in mud so that the transmission was partly covered with it. We dug and dug and jacked the darn thing up and cut down trees so that we could try to hoist the jeep up a bit. And finally, after about an hour, we managed to get the darn thing backed out of the mud and slush. Some fun!!

                    Loads of love,



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