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March 5, 1943
No. 15

Casablanca, Morocco

Dear Folksies,

          Things have been pretty busy for me the last few days, as my second ward got filled up in a hurry and I was temporarily swamped. Have had a few interesting cases, including a meningococcus meningitis, a couple of peptic ulcers, some bronchopneumonias, a true lobar and a probably encephalitis. So, you can see that there has been plenty to keep me going these few days. Outside of working in the ward I have done nothing else except play bridge at night.

          We have had some pretty good meals lately – some nice chicken and some roast beef. Of course, we in Supply have continued to be in good with the non-coms of the Mess Supply Department, and as a consequence we have been able to have late evening snacks besides our usual three per day. One of our boys is quite a good amateur cook and he has kept Ken, George, Lois and me well satisfied around 10-11 P.M. We get such things as toasted roast beef sandwiches, toasted canned chicken sandwiches, fried chicken on the wing and leg, etc. Not bad, eh.

          Mess call!!

 Loads of love,



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