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July 22, 1944
Battapaglia, Italy

No. 35 (conclusion)

Dear Folksies,

           Today is another day and here I am back at my own typer. Nothing particularly new today, except for a few improvements in our ward routine – now we are the Kaiser production plant of the 59th. We run our patients through so fast that it would almost make Henry Kaiser blink his eyes. Now, anybody with G.C. [gonorrhea] who comes in before 8 P.M. gets treated with penicillin and is out the following morning, no later than 8 A.M. Results are good too – of course, not all are cured in that time, but they return and are O.K. after a second or possible third course in 99% of them.

             Oh yes, incidentally, Collie got his Lt. Colonelcy sans congratulations from any but the Col. As Mattie put it, he couldn’t have congratulated him with a straight face, so ‘twas better not to at all – that’s the way all the rest feel.

             Finally got a rapid-fire glimpse of Pompeii and also a better look at Naples. Think I’ve had pretty much my fill of sight-seeing, however. As I’ve said, before, again and again, I’ll take Tahoe!!

            Dad, I’m interested and agree with your comments regarding the war, but do not quite understand what you mean by France not helping much. It seems to me that at the moment they are doing pretty well, considering what odds they are facing in France. Over here, they are apparently doing a good job, i.e. the combat troops. Their men take to jeeps like a duck to water and they go scooting all over the place – it’s funny to see.

                                                                                        Loads of love,



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