July 17, 1943
No. 48

Bizerte, Algeria
(His parents think he is still in Casablanca)

Dear Folksies,    

           Yesterday I finally managed to get some mail from you, tho’ with the mail situation still messed up, I see that I’m missing one of Mom’s letters and some of Dad’s. All were certainly most welcome, as that was the only mail in 3-1/2 weeks – I haven’t received any from Lois and wonder whether she has gotten mine.

        Thanks for the birthday wishes, but as I’ve told you, my birthday was officially postponed and I think Lois’ will likewise be postponed a few days anyway.

        Perhaps, however, she has already received the packages you mention. I hope so.

                                                                                                              Loads of love,



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René tells his parents that both his birthday (July 12) and Lois’ (July 21) are officially postponed until the couple is able to be together again. René and Lois have been apart since June 20, when René and the rest of Cohn’s Courageous Commandos left the camp at Casablanca.