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February 11, 1945
Bacarrat, France

No. 12

Dear Folksies,

            We haven’t been doing much of anything these last few days and in fact anticipate going back to our own gang in a couple of days.  Tho’ there is little or nothing for us to do, they have been mighty nice to us and their C.O. told us that we could do what we wanted — if any wanted to go back it would be O.K. with him, but that we were all welcome to stay as long as we wished.  Putting it that way made it rather difficult for us to say that we’d rather go back to our own place.  If we could continue to be of some use here, we would rather stay here and do some work, certainly, but as far as sitting around and doing nothing…Well, the food our chef puts out is better than what they have here (even though they had some excellent steaks last night) so that makes it worth our while to return, if for nothing else.

            But, rather than insult them here, we all decided that we would wait a couple of more days and then tell them we think we should not sponge off of them any longer.

            Oh yes, Mom, do send that Blum’s box along. However, why don’t you sent it to Jeanne instead, that is, if you have found out what the deal is on sending them things.

                         Loads of love,



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