Chuck Schwartz with unidentified person

Nurses 1943 Africa

A-20-046-Lois,Gert+1 in old town copy

A-27-065-Casa panorama 4 copy

B-9-162-Lois+Bam in convertible copy

Bambino letter 7.4.43

C-17-221-Marakech medina 2 copy

A-28-067-Marakech 1 copy

A-28-070-Marakech man on donkey copy

sand castle

lobster2 b+w

Lobster b+w

crepe-suzette b+w

Del Monte-Rene+Lois.table cropped more

Bing+Bob golf 1

Bing+Bob golf 2

yankee-doodle dandy

A-19-044-Ag+Gert gather wood copy

B-20.5-011-Phil Westdahl in front of tent copy

B-15-169-Lois+Bill Vinney+Pat Barry copy

B-8-158-baseball Halter copy

A-47-120-Lois summer uniform 2.copy

A-52-144-Armanini 1 copy

48 star flag b+w

A-47-119-Lois summer uniform 1 copy

B-16-171-Lois+Carroll Russell+patients-May


A-39-095-Casa street with movie theater copy



champagne glasses 2

graduation cap

Iceberg lettuce

Ft. Ord-Rene+Lois.pool cropped2

A-52-134-Roy Cohn in front of tent copy

C-6-194-card game-Bolibaugh+Collie copy

A-52-133-Mattie in front of tent copy

x-ray sign

B-19-178-just Lois

A-52-133-Mattie in front of tent copy

5.30.43.Casa bank building

C-8-202-Casa street with palm tree copy

A-41-101-Place Layautey Terrace copy

A-24-055-destinations sign Casa-1 copy

A-41-103-Casa officers club copy

C-3-186-cast room copy

Random Harvest

Nurses at the beach copy

A-52-140-the C.O. ho hum-Mattie? copy

Star Spangled Rhythm

B-7-157-Moroccan troops parade copy

A-40-099-Casa Parade Gen. Mark Clark

A-5-014-native troops parade copy

A-40-100-Casa Parade crowd copy

A-39-098-Casa Parade with tanks copy

5.9.43local women with yarn

A-44-110-Arab musicians+dancers copy

A-16-039-local women with yarn copy

A-15-036-Gert with people+woman in burqua copy

Cairo movie

A-38-093-Lois+Sgt George Heath in ward tent copy

A-45-115-Arab mother+baby 1 copy

A-15-035-Arab drummer in hosp area 2 copy

B-4-154-Arab drummer copy

A-46-116-Gert+Rene+Bonnie Blue Eyes jeep copy

C-4-189-x-ray machine copy

B-16-172-X-Ray Dept with names.copy

B-18-175-Nurses 1-yr Anniversary Dance 2 copy

B-17-174-Nurses 1-yr Anniversary Dance 1 copy

D-43-109-Liz Liss copy

D-43-110-Martha Morris copy

C-12-209-Casa Medina 4 copy


A-42-104-Mess Tents+Ehrbacker copy

B-17-173-NCO Dance at Robinson’s copy