Visitors to the 59th & People René Visited

Frankie Choy, MD — doctor in an airborne unit

Rudy Engle — pilot

Babette Kraus — family friend, living in New York. Nickname: “Babs”

Yehudi Menuhin — a musical  prodigy who became a world renowned violinist and conductor, was a childhood friend of René.

Nola Menuhin — wife of Yehudi Menuhin

Leon Michels, MD — surgeon, a family friend from San Francisco

Colonel Tom Monroe — Lois McFarland’s uncle and Commander of the 15th regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division in North Africa.

Bill Reiss

Lynn Rudee, DDS — dentist, a family friend

Lieutenant Srouffe – with René at Twin Lakes at Camp Pickett, but not a member of the 59th Evac.

Therese – a family friend living in New York, who René visited when he was stationed in New Jersey.

Bill Vinney – a classmate of René’s at Stanford. Class of 1937.

Col. William Westmoreland — nickname: “Westie”

Born 1914, William Westmoreland was just a year older than René. A graduate of West Point in 1936, Westmoreland served in the 9th Infantry Division during World War II. He commanded the 34th Field Artillery Battalion in Tunisia and Sicily and in 1944 was appointed Chief of Staff of the 9th Infantry Division when it was in France and Germany. After World War II, he continued his illustrious military career, including commands in Korea and Vietnam. He retired in 1972 as a Four Star General, and passed away in 2005 at the age of 91.

Herb White — Associated Press Photographer. According The Cumberland News July 13, 1943, “Herbert White, 35-year-old Associated Press photographer operating for the wartime photographic pool, brought back first pictures of the Sicilian landings and the following first eye-witness story of the Allied’s lightening capture of Licata. White joined AP in Washington in 1932. He left on his latest assignment in December 1942, and arrived in Cairo Feb. 4, 1943.”