French Relatives

Claudine Baumann Aronson — René Jr.’s second cousin

Giles Aronson – husband of Claudine Baumann Aronson

Doude Baumann – wife of Jean Pierre

George Baumann – husband of Lilice Neuberger Baumann, father of Yvette, Jean Pierre and Claudine*

Jean Pierre Baumann — René Jr.’s second cousin, husband of Doude

Lilice Neuberger Baumann — first cousin of René Sr., mother of Yvette, Jean Pierre and Claudine Baumann

Helen Bernard — sister of Jen Guy, sister-in-law of Yvette Baumann Bernard

Jean Guy Bernard — Yvette’s husband

Passionate for aviation, Jean-Guy enlisted as an aviation fighter in 1939. He is one of the few aviators to have bombed Berlin in 1940. After the armistice, he returned to the polytechnic school in Lyon. After working as an engineer during the winter of 1941-42, Jean-Guy joined Combat, one of the resistance movements in France. Over the next couple of years, he assumed successive leadership roles in various resistance groups. On October 8, 1943, he married Yvette Baumann, head of the social service of Combat, who was the second cousin of René Jr.

Yvette Baumann Bernard — René Jr.’s second cousin

Yvette Jeannine Baumann was born in the 16th arrondissement of Paris in 1919. Since her family was not particularly religious, she realized she was Jewish only when she was a young teenager at the Lycée Molière in Paris and encountered anti-semitism – even from some of her teachers. In 1941, at the age of 21, she joined the Resistance, as did her brother Jean-Pierre and sister Claudine. At first she worked under the leadership of Berthe “Berty” Albrecht, one of France’s earliest Resistance fighters, who had co-founded the Resistance movement known as Combat. Yvette started off with small acts of defiance and disruption of the Nazi occupiers, painting victory signs or the Cross of Lorraine (the Resistance symbol) on walls, changing streets signs to misdirect German vehicles, as well as procuring food, clothes and documents for résistants and Jewish families. When Berty died in 1943, Yvette took over her role as head of “social services” for the Mouvements Unis de la Résistance (MUR), a merger of three major Resistance groups – Combat, Franc-tireurs (Sharpshooters) and Libération Sud. As such, Yvette was in charge of finding safe houses and food for Resistance fighters, their families and Jews in hiding. 


Yvette and Jean Guy’s marriage ceremony – October 8, 1943


Yvette in 2009 at the age of 90

Alain Dreyfus — René Jr.’s second cousin. (He changed name to Alain Day). Born in Paris in 1915, he was the same age as René and they remained close throughout their lives.

Alain circa 1930

Alain 1938

Alain in 1983

Marcelle Neuburger Dreyfus — first cousin of René Sr., mother of Alain Dreyfus (Day) and sister of Lilice Neuburger Baumann

Godchaux – family name of French relatives living in San Francisco

Henry Leon – husband of Sadie Leon and father of Paulette Leon Sternberg

Sadie Leon – wife of Henry Leon and mother of Paulette Leon Sternberg

Mathilde Neuburger – mother of Lilice Neuburger Baumann, Jeanne Neuburger Salomons and Raoul Neuburger

Raoul Neuburger — first cousin of René Sr., brother of Lilice Neuburger and uncle of Alain Dreyfus (Day)

David Salomon – husband of Jeanne Neuberger Salomon, father of Jacqueline

Jeanne Neuberger Salomon – wife of David Salomon, mother of Jacqueline

Jadqueline Salomon  – René’s second cousin

Anthony Sternberg – husband of Paulette Leon Sternberg

Paulette Leon Sternberg – wife of Anthony Sternberg