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Enlisted Men of the 59th

Eddie Accomando

Bill Arduino


Bergstrom – nickname “Bergie”

Dutch Boven portrait

John Boven – nickname: “Dutch”

Sgt. Ray Carson – chief of “surgery boys” in Sicily

Al Coleman – worked in the surgical wards in Sicily

Sgt. Bert Cross

John Davy Davidson

John Davidson — nickname: “Davy”

Chuck Davis

Harold Dinsmore — nickname: “Dinny”

Die Ehrbacker in hat

Herbie Ehrbacher — the unit’s baker, originally from Sweden

John Fedorchak

John Fedorchak

Glenn Farrell — worked in Surgery in Sicily

Melvin Frei

Q Fuqua

Q. Fuqua

Bill Gratopp

Bill Gratopp

Clint Green

Private Gregg

Sgt. Roy Hangar

Sgt. George Heath

Harold Heinzerling

Sgt. Roy Housely

Stan Jobe

Knox Johnson

Ray Johnson – worked in the Laboratory in Sicily

Bob Jones

Bill Kioski

Klohman — chaplain’s assistant

Herman Kuhl – Utilities Crew

Sgt. Cecil Maddox

Sgt. Ed Morrill

Bill Murdock

Silvano Orsi

Joe Plummer – Utilities Crew

Al Querhammer – nickname: “Q”

Pete Riggs

Ben Romine

Carl Santelle – nickname “Red” — worked in the Surgical Wards in Sicily

Corporal Charles (Chuck) Sateja. Chuck served in an administrative role in the 59th Evac Hospital, but also entertained the troops as “Carmen Miranda.” After the war he he worked as a trapeze artist “The Great Sateja,” and later as a circus clown with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Corporal Scarborough

Melvin Schnitkey – Utilities Crew

Harry Sharp

Merrin Spainhower – nickname “Spainy” — worked in Surgery in Sicily

Sgt. Robert (Bob) Spring — an x-ray technician, Bob was an avid photographer who took a number of the photographs featured in Dear Folksies. Evidently he made his photographs available as mementos to many other members of the 59th.

“Skinny” St. Clair

“Snuffy” Thraves

Tom Voicheski – ran the Isolation Ward in Sicily

“Lefty” Watkins – Utilities Crew

Charlie Weistenberg – nickname: “Weisty”

Ross Willis

Vern Winslow

Wy Wyzogski