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June 2, 1943
No. 39

Casablanca, Morocco

Dear Folksies,

          Monday night we played some bridge with George Armanini and Bert Halter, and then with George and Bill Kuzell. Suffice it to say that our hands were fierce and we were most royally skunked. It wasn’t the playing, tho’ Bert pulled a nice one by bidding and making a grand-slam – i.e. he bid it but made George play it. Anyway, despite the glaring defeat, we had lots of fun.

          Yesterday was really a funny day. Lois had the whole day off, so we went downtown at 10A.M. As we got into the truck to go down, I asked her if she had her ration-card and wallet. “Sure,” says she. Well, we get down to the PX and she opens her purse – and, yes, no wallet! Luckily we bumped into one of the truck drivers soon and told him to get Fran to get the wallet and send it down with the 1:30 P.M. regular driver.

          Sooo, we wandered around town and picked up a few things, which you can expect in the near future, and then went to lunch at one of the restaurants in town. There we bumped into Del and her boy-friend and had an enjoyable time, tho’ not such a good lunch.

          After that the driver arrived with Lois’ wallet, we got our rations at the PX and then sent the stuff out with the driver, so we wouldn’t have to pack it around.

          Later, after buying a couple more things – Lois got a purse to match her new dress and uniform to come – again we bumped into one of our drivers and sent those things home. Then we went to try and get a ration-card so that Lois could buy some brown shoes – at a French store, as they have none in the PX – and went through the old rig-amarole that I used to go through when first here – trying to buy stuff for the hospital. A lot of red tape, but we finally got the O.K.

          Then, being pretty tired we went to the Officers’ Club and relaxed. We were going to take the 6:30P.M. truck home, but we met Pat Barry and Bill Vinney (the latter a Stanford classmate of mine) and soon we found we had missed that truck. Then we were going to catch the 8:30 P.M. truck, but Fran and Hal Williams showed up so we missed that truck also. Finally around 9:15 P.M. we all decided that whereas we hadn’t planned to eat, we might as well go get dinner. What a time to go eat!!! Anyway, we went out in Vinney’s car and had a super dinner of lobster and steak, both of which were excellent. Finally home at midnight.

                                                                                                                                                  Loads of love,



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