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July 16, 1943
No. 47

Bizerte, Algeria
(His parents think he is still in Casablanca)

Dear Folksies,    

         Unfortunately there isn’t much that I can say at the present time, but nevertheless I wanted to get a brief note off to you to tell you that I’m still fine, never felt better. In fact, the only things lacking are Lois and you folks.

         Have not been particularly busy, in fact, have enjoyed a sort of vacation – tho’ I must admit that I would rather be vacationing with you at Lake Tahoe now, than be where I am – if it’s a vacation they want to give, they can send me to Tahoe, says I.

          The last few days I’ve wondered whether you have saved pictures or articles that emanated from this part of the globe. I surely hope so, for I imagine that later on they will be interesting for us to see. Hope you have saved the June 14 Life magazine and others.

          Yesterday, being Bastille Day, we had a little celebration here. We were with some French Officers and as we had them to lunch, our cook made a swell cake and used a 10cc syringe to decorate the cake with chocolate icing and writing — saying on it, “Joyeux 14 Juillet,” and put a little French flag at the bottom. The Officers were most appreciative, and were sort of bubbling over.

          Hope you had a swell vacation and that by now you are all well rested and ready for the work that undoubtedly faces you again.               

                                                                                                              Loads of love,



Watch for my next letter on
July 17