Nurses group photo

E-15-029-Men on Ship to France copy

E-15-028-Convoy to France copy

Normandy wounded

Chuck Schwartz with unidentified person

Chuck Schwartz with unidentified person

D-42-107-4.44-Paul Stratte-Palermo Hosp Area copy copy

song_of_bernadette_ver2 copy

E-6-012-Pompeii copy

D-59-122-Battapaglia-hospital area copy

D-59-121-Battapaglia-officers’ area copy

C-6-194-card game-Bolibaugh+Collie copy


Unidentified buildings along the Amalfi Drive

B-39-154-Anzio-gals packed to leave copy

E-13-023-Anzio-fourth of july with flag copy

F-2-004-Rome-front of St. Peters. 6.44 copy

F-1-003-Rome from top of St. Peters.6.44

Unidentified place

dukw_t copy

B-38-153-Anzio-captured German tank copy

F-3-008-Rome-Tiber+Castel St. Angelo.6.44

E-14-026-Rome St. Peters Basilica copy


Invasion newspaper

Hospital train inside

Hospital train Naples copy

Miracle of Morgan Creek

E-8-017-Anzio-hospital tents copy

E-8-016-Anzio-hospital tents copy

E-9-018-Anzio-air raid copy

Russ Klein at temporary camp site

F-2-005-Rome Coliseum.outside.6.44

B-42-160-Anzio-Sateja as Carmen Miranda 6.44 copy

E-13-024-Anzio-Marlene Dieterich

B-41-158-Rene in Rome copy copy

E-14-025-Rome Victor Emmanuel copy

E-14-027-Rome Coliseum

E-5-009-Rome Coliseum copy

E-2-002-Liberty Ship from Sicily copy

E-1-001-Liberty Ship from Sicily copy

B-40-155-Rene + Jack Dunlap on ship to Naples 5.44

E-7-014-Anzio-hospital copy

B-38-150-Anzio caption

B-38-150-Anzio dug in cropped

B-38-150-Anzio 6.44 to 7.44 copy

B-38-151-Anzio Express-cannon? copy

B-40-156-Sessa-Roy Cohn nude bathing blurred copy

Fortress bombers-2

D-60-124-Italian women with baskets on head copy

E-4-008-South Italy-oxen+people copy

Goumiers.2 copy

Goumiers.1 copy

Goumier.3 copy

Volturno Bridge May 2, 1944

Line 89 Bridge over Volturno copy

E-3-003-Naples Dock copy

E-4-007-Naples+Vesuvius copy