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August 21, 1942

New York City

Dear Folksies,

       Yesterday we took the 6 P.M. train from the Camp and got into N.Y. at 7 P.M. Bob and Bam, George Sterba and Fran Trembley and Lois and I stuck together and we went to the Commodore Hotel where the gals got one room and we got one.

       From there the 6 of us proceeded to Therese’s where Lenny and Babs were also waiting for us. After having cocktails there we all went out to a small place for dinner. Then the 6 of us walked on Broadway until we were tired.

       The gals had to go back this morning because there had been a mix up in the grouping and they had to forfeit these 12 hours so as to be in the same group as Bob and I from now on.

       Slept late and then came alone here to Babs and Lenny’s place, which is just off 181st street in Washington Heights. I just had breakfast here with Babs a while ago.

                    Loads of love,



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