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April 13, 1942

Ft. Lewis, Washington

Dear Folksies,

     We’ve really begun today! We were given rifles this morning and we work on a regular routine.

     I think I forgot to tell you that we all had Saturday night sore arms. Yes, we had typhoid and tetanus shots Saturday. A few of the boys had chills and fever yesterday, but most just had sore arms, especially on the typhoid side.

       Yesterday was a day of leisure. We did, however, get all fired up for inspection and had an inspection at 9 A.M. by the “General” — the “Little General.” Yes, Leo was up in Tacoma for a Surgical Society meeting and he came down to visit us. We all stood at attention by our bed for him and he was a bit non-plussed. He was greatly pleased and most impressed at how neat we could get ourselves and our tings.

     Today we had identification tags made and had blood typed — all this after 1/2 hour of calisthenics. After lunch and a lecture we had yellow fever shots and some drilling. Volleyball and basketball between 4-5PM, then shower and dinner. More classes this evening.

     The way we change clothes up here – so darn frequently — it reminds me of Tahoe Tavern. We change at least 5 or 6 times, if not more per day.

     I drew a diagram of our sleeping arrangements. Downstairs in one room is Lt. Col. William Reilly and Lt. Col. Carleton Mathewson.

                    Loads of love,




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